Robust ad listings, high-intent consumers, and full transparency -- in every vertical

Whether it’s insurance, higher education, or mortgage loans, we bring innovation and subject-matter expertise to each of the verticals we service. Our platform enables the advertisers and publishers we partner with to obtain quality results efficiently, with the benefit of complete transparency regarding traffic source, margin, and data. engages partnerships in the following verticals:

Auto Insurance

Throughout our tenure in the insurance leads industry, we’ve continued to build upon a history of success: our auto insurance business has steadily increased revenue each year since its inception, and we've formed partnerships with the best advertisers and publishers in the space.

Our platform makes it easy for our partners to chase growth goals by fine-tuning their target consumer profile -- and with even greater bid optimizations in mind, we continue to formulate new and improved features that further enable our advertiser partners to succeed.

Home Insurance

As one of the most competitive sectors within the wider insurance industry, effective marketing in home insurance can be difficult to achieve, but we’re here to change that. With new features and functionalities under construction each day, we strive to create a seamless experience for both carriers and publishers.

Motorcycle Insurance

If you’re interested in high-quality traffic, look no further -- our platform offers both the scalability and transparency you need to target the right consumers and reach new levels of success in the motorcycle insurance industry. We offer not only our signature transparency when it comes to quality and spending, but keen insight into the ebbs and flows of a market often subject to seasonal consumer desires.


Whether it’s refinance or purchase loans, we deliver. Our commitment to transparency and our access to high-intent audiences makes it easy for our mortgage partners to get the quality results they’re looking for both from external sources of traffic and internal sources. Targeting options are plentiful including channel, form, credit, zip code and much more.

Higher Education

When it comes to higher education, quality is key -- our advertising partners easily filter and tailor ads to reach pre-qualified students for enrollment in targeted degree programs. Our media-buying strategies guarantee lower costs per enrollment and consistent click-to-lead rates that never cease to impress our advertisers.

Our publisher partners enjoy the highest revenue share in the industry, while our advertisers have access to advanced bidding options and optimal traffic streams that lead to high-intent, high-LTV consumers. A substantial portion of our volume is from search media traffic driven to our owned-and-operated sites, which produce some of the highest quality traffic available.

As a company, we have a track record that speaks for itself: our revenue has increased by 2.5 times since 2020, and by 20 times since 2019. We work with top advertisers and publishers in each vertical we service. It’s the integrity we bring to our partnerships that keeps us on this trajectory of success. Are you looking for a platform that offers great conversion rates, completely transparent access to data, and exceptional revenue sharing? We’ve got it all.

If you're an advertiser or publisher interested in a more efficient and more profitable clicks marketplace experience, we’re here to help. does not require a minimum spend or a start-up fee. There are no long-term commitments. We perform or the spend ceases.

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