Our Technology

Real Time Bidding Platform

Transparent.ly’s real-time bidding platform brings consumers and website publishers a tailored set of advertisers in less than 200 milliseconds.


Transparent.ly’s real-time bidding platform ingests dozens of consumer attributes and other relevant factors to enable advertisers to target consumers at an optimized acquisition cost.

Tailored Bidding

Transparent.ly’s real-time bidding platform allows advertisers to tailor their bid along dozens of consumer attributes to provide a programmatic bid for each consumer.

Budget Management

Bid optimally based on day of week, day of month and hour of day. Increase bids during the best times to convert, and decrease during poor conversion periods.

Robust, Scalable Technology

Transparent.ly’s platform has been engineered with the latest cloud technologies enabling superior performance at a fraction of the cost of older technologies.


Transparent.ly’s real-time bidding platform has been designed to provide all parties with transparency; providing both publishers and advertisers with greater certainty, reduced risk and greater clarity. Margins are no longer hidden, from anyone.

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